The Ineffectiveness of Standalone Apps

There are many standalone apps that excel at the services they provide to their users. Facebook and Twitter for example are some of the most popular apps in the world and they are completely standalone. What this means is that there is only one version of the app available that has been used since it was created. None of these apps have changed much over the years and this is where the problem lies. While a few years ago there wasn’t much competition with apps, today the market is growing on a daily basis and hundreds of millions of people are taking advantage of the many apps available online. Creating a standalone app, or even maintaining one, is like shooting yourself in the foot and expecting not to get hurt. Here’s why.

The biggest problem with standalone apps is that even though the company might have a loyal following and millions of users, as soon as a change is made such as an update or overhaul, many of these users could be driven way. People appreciate certain features in apps and once these features are modified or removed they will simply move on to the next best thing. These popular companies such as Facebook or Twitter who have attempted to add new features to their apps have only seen them fail, and eventually removed them and reverted back to the way things were.

A standalone app also doesn’t encourage innovation and further development. Instagram can be compared to the Facebook photo features and the only difference is the ability to add filters and edit photos. It would have cost Facebook millions of dollars to develop this feature but Instragram was able to achieve it in their own standalone app. While popular apps such as Facebook and Twitter have a multitude of features to manage and upgrade, apps like Instagram can focus on just one and continue to modify and change features to their users liking.

Creating unique and specialized apps that deal with a certain aspect of social media or content sharing is the key to success. It’s when companies build apps that become so large and difficult to manage that they begin running into issues. Overhauling an app completely cannot only drive users away but could cause financial losses, as any development processes would simply be wasted. Each feature that a popular standalone app provides can be found in unique apps that are constantly changing to meet the needs of their users. While the Facebook app is wildly successful now, many people are moving into to other mobile apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and What’s A

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