Six Tips on Improving Your RMA Portal for Ecommerce

A store without an online RMA portal is not going to last for long in the sink or swim atmosphere of the World Wide Web these days. That’s because consumers have made it clear they want convenient, automated returns systems, and certain stores, like Zappos, have really set the bar by appealing to and catering to this consumer demand.

If you are already offering an online RMA portal – or if you have yet to, you really should get one into place as soon as possible – there are some ways that you can improve your returns system. We’ll deliver six candid methods so that you can make returns more convenient and fuel your bottom line from smart merchandizing.

Update Your Returns Policy& Make More Money

First off, update your returns policy. Use plain English. Make it convenient, lenient and hassle-free for consumers. According to a Science Daily article, a study found that retailers that switched to offering free return shipping actually grew sales by an astounding 25% in just six months. So offer free returns and make more money.

Give Customers Tools to Reduce Returns

Are you really helping your customers help you? If you sell clothing, are you offering a sizing app? Do you have plenty of high resolution images with zoom-in options and multiple angle viewing available? Make sure you have the right tools in place to help customers prevent a return to begin with.

Make Your Return Policy Easy to Find

How easily can customers find your returns policy? You should clearly state that your RMA portal can be easily accessed from everywhere on your website. Take some examples from ASOS, Nordstrom’s and Trunk Club here, and you will be able to assure that ALL consumers can find that return policy; not just a few.

Introduce In-Store Credit Bonuses on Returned Goods

When consumers do come back to your site to process a return via your RMA portal, are you up-selling them on future purchases? Earn back the money from the return by offering in-store credit, and further sweeten the pot by giving them 10% extra as a bonus, so they spend all that cash on your goods, instead of just getting a refund. What’s more, advertise the specials you have around that portal to encourage last-minute sales on reverse retargeted consumers.

Add Live Chat to Assist Customers

How helpful are you really being to your shoppers? Are you offering to assist them whenever they are shopping to encourage more sales and reduce the rate returns? Track your most commonly returned products and imbed live chat support features to at least those pages to reduce return rates across the board.

Automate the Online RMA Portal

How easy to use is your returns system? A TrueShip article finds that an automated RMA portal is the most desired returns processing system for consumers. This is why retailers that have them in place, like Amazon, do so much in business. Because it’s easy to make returns. So how easy is your RMA portal?


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