People Spending More Time On Apps Than Ever Before

While people can only use so many apps each month, fresh data from Localytics has been released that shows the time spent actually using apps is on the rise. Localytics is a mobile marketing platform and specializes in monitoring trends and tracking mobile user data. When compared to the same time period last year people are using their apps 21% more. The apps which received the largest increases in daily use are those in the music, health, and social media industries.

Localytics got the data from tracking nearly 30,000 applications installed on 1.5 billion devices. Each month mobile users are not only using their phones more often but are using apps much more often as well. They are spending more time on their phones taking advantage of different applications rather than simply making phone calls or text messaging. This goes hand-in-hand with other data that’s been coming out showing the relationship between apps and users. Nielsen recently stated that consumers are spending on average 30 hours or more each month on their phones and have around 27 apps installed. For all the digital media being accessed in the United States, just over half of it was being accessed by mobile devices.

No one is arguing that there is a trend regarding the length of time and the amount of time people spend using their mobile devices. Many people don’t have access to a laptop or computer and are using their phones for every one of their web needs. All app data from how often apps are used to how many times their opened each month show positive upward trends. However it was music related apps, which saw the biggest increase in usage. This could be due to the recent shift in dedicated music platforms such as iTunes being replaced by digital web based apps like Soundcloud. Social media apps are also seeing a rise in popularity but many people visit these apps sporadically throughout the day and aren’t ‘t dedicating large portions of their time to them.

This data could be bad news for new app developers. People are spending more time on apps they’re already familiar with and aren’t downloading as many new apps as they once were. Once an app becomes popular and many people start using it they are unlikely to switch to a new app for the same purpose unless something goes wrong or the app itself is discontinued. With the rising trend in mobile phone usage there will continue to be a growing trend in the amount of people accessing apps from their phones and the amount of time they spend using them. For marketers there couldn’t be a better solution – mobile phones are the future of web browsing and app usage.

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