Desktop PCs vs. Laptops – Pros and Cons

The main question when deciding on a laptop or a desktop PC. “What suits you?”. Actually, there are only so many differences between a desktop PC and a laptop, but some of these differences could either help you or burden you. Today, we’ll help you make up your mind on what would be your better choice between the two.

Price – Let me put it this way, a dual core laptop could be bought around $400 these days, while a desktop PC with the same specifications might set you back around $320. The price premium on laptops may obviously be worth it simply for the portability factor, but if you want a high-end gaming laptop, that premium can get high pretty fast – even adding a zero to the aforementioned $400.

Performance – a laptop is limited in what sort of hardware it can use due to its small size, again giving the desktop PC a plus. You can still upgrade your laptop, but to a lesser extent. A desktop also has a more powerful cooling system than a laptop. In all, a laptop’s performance is not that far off from a desktop’s these days. We could also give it a small plus for its Bluetooth, card reader, and Wi-Fi readiness. Note that a laptop tends to have a lower CPU speed due to more complex cooling solutions, giving a desktop PC a plus in that regard.

Maintenance – laptops tend to have less issues than a desktop, plainly because it’s a mass produced product. We can safely say that laptops are thoroughly tested before they put it on market. However, one thing we can’t ignore is its battery life. It will gradually decrease its lifespan. But you need not worry if it is drained out entirely, just plug in the charger and you’ll instantly have a small desktop PC of your own. Laptop also have an enclosed casing, making it hard to trace a problem when the warranty had expired. If you build a desktop PC yourself, you may run into compatibility issues. Unless you could get a help from someone who knows computers, then you might want to check all, and I mean all of your desktop components if they interfere with each other.

Type of use – While a desktop PC and a laptop serve the same purpose, it is up to the user what those purposes are. There is also the question of convenience. For travellers, business men/women and the like, a laptop would no doubt be more practical. A desktop computer has a separate screen, keyboard, mouse, speaker, and webcam, so moving it from place to place is not something you do on a regular basis. For avid gamers, several laptop manufacturers now have relatively affordable gaming laptops on the market, but a desktop is still less costly.

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