Delete Your Entire Gmail Inbox At Once

It happens gradually overtime without you even noticing.  Before you know it, you’re hopelessly buried in read and unread mail.  Probably you were in a rather peculiar situation that led to you not using the internet for four whole months.  During this time you can recieve almost 1,000 emails to your inbox.  It’s really hard to delete the allotted 50 emails at a time that Gmail allows.  But you can finally figure out an easier solution: delete all of them at once.

In the search box type “in:inbox is:read” or “in:inbox is:unread” depending on which types of emails you want to delete – read or unread.

It should bring up a list of 20 emails that match that search.  Check the all button.

A yellow dialog box will pop up that says select all emails – even those not displayed in the search results.

That’s it, that should take care of hundreds or even thousands of emails with the click of a button.  You can use this trick for spam, trash, inbox with read or unread mail.  This can save you a lot of time and effort instead of deleting them 50 at a time.

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