How to Customize your Netbook or Tablet

Netbooks and tablets are convenient mobile the devices that allow us to work, study and play from anywhere with a wifi connection. While these devices are convenient, they can also be boring in appearance. If you have a netbook or tablet and are tired of it looking like everyone else’s, consider customizing it to your personal liking.


Skins are large decals that cover a netbook or tablet. They can cover the whole device on the outside or frame the screen and keyboard on the inside. Skins can be purchased from almost any computer supply store as well as online. Skins are made to fit the computer tightly so you will need to measure your device before purchasing the skin or make sure the skin you buy is made for the specific device model that you own.


Cases allow you safely carry your netbook or tablet and can also be a great way to customize it and give it some style. Cases come in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns and colors and vary in size and price. Choose a case that is easy to carry, offer adequate protection for your device and has a style that speaks to you.


Customize the appearance of your netbook or tablet desktop by adding a wallpaper to your screen. You can download wallpapers online for cheap and sometimes even free or use your favorite photos as your wallpaper.


Accessories can give your device a fun and customized look. Accessories can be anything used with your device such as a USB cord, mouse or charger. Many accessories come in fun patterns and colors which can give your device the perfect looks without being too over-the-top.


Decals are similar to skins, only smaller and easier to apply. You can get custom made decals online or purchase various designs at computer supply stores.


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